Chief Executive Officer

Our mission is to make the utmost sustainable use of the natural resources at our disposal for the benefit of all

Innovation is one of the core values of Omnicane along with accountability and sustainability. The revamping of our sugarcane related activities together with the restructuring of our company in 2009 have been the catalysts for innovative developments. Our business model is based on the concept of circular economy and value addition for our products and co-products.

The concept of circular economy

Our modern, integrated and highly efficient industrial cane cluster allows us to produce bioethanol from molasses, steam and electricity from bagasse, concentrated molasses stillage biofertiliser from vinasse, and carbon dioxide for the beverage industry from our distillery operations. The setting up of the unique carbon burn out plant enables the valorisation of coal ash from our power plants into a green cement additive for the construction industry.

On the sugar side, we go beyond raw and refined sugar for an increasingly demanding market. We are researching and testing speciality sugars for evolving customer needs. The Dina Life range is based on our recent research on Antioxidant, low GI and Low Calorie Sugars.