How can antioxidant be found in sugar ?

It is present in many fruits and plants; the levels in sugar cane are very high.


Where do you get the antioxidant that you add to the sugar ?

It is extracted from the sugar cane, concentrated and then added back to the sugar.


What are the ingredients in the antioxidant sugar ?

Cane sugar and cane sugar extract (which is very high in antioxidant) and completely natural.


Are the health benefits indicated on the label proven?

The benefits of antioxidants are well known and documented. The levels in our Dina Life sugars have been tested independently.


How much more is the cost the antioxidant sugar compared to normal sugar ?

It is about 5 times the prices of ordinary sugar.


Where can we purchase antioxidant sugar in Mauritius ?

It will be launched in September and available in most large supermarkets.


Does the Antioxidant sugar contain any artificial sweeteners?

No. It is completely natural.


How to store Dina life sugars?

Dina Life sugars contain  a high concentration of antioxidant from sugar cane which keeps water in the plant. The best way to store Dina Life sugars is in a cool, dry place like a fridge.